Hot 26/2 (Bikram Method)

Room is heated to 105 degrees and 35-40% humidity. A set sequence, lasting 90 minutes, comprised of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, works every muscle, joint, and tendon in a sequential order to optimize muscle development, improving the alignment of your skeletal structure. It is a highly aerobic series designed to strengthen your heart, improving its ability to transport oxygen more efficiently throughout your body. With the use of static postures challenging your focus and determination, the result is nothing short of a deep calm to the mind, body, and spirit. 

Just Power Flow

Room is heated to 95 degrees. Sequence of postures focusing on strength, balance, and breath. Each class will have a sequence designed to prepare the body for a “peak” posture to further develop strength and flexibility. Designed with a more athletic approach, your body and breath will be challenged with faster-paced movement and longer holds – welcoming you to incite your inner warrior. Get ready to bring on the sweat!

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